Idris Elba Is A Badass In Real Life Too

44-year old actor shows off his kickboxing skills in new video

Idris Elba is known for playing tough guys in movies and on TV, but you might not know he’s actually a total badass in real life as well! Just check out his fighting skills in his first professional kickboxing match.

PA Images
PA Images

Idris Elba is one of the biggest acting stars around right now. He made a name for himself after starring in HBO’s hit series The Wire, and went on to land big roles in films like Pacific Rim and Thor, as well as starring in his own TV show Luther.

Many fans have long been calling for Elba to take over the role of James Bond, and this new video certainly proves that the 44-year old has got the fighting skills necessary to be a super spy.

The video was posted by pop icon Madonna, who was in the crowd to cheer Elba on during his first professional kickboxing bout.

Naturally, Elba wins the fight, using his raw strength and impressive moves to outmatch his opponent. The fight took place at York Hall in London and could be the start of an interesting sideline career for the famous actor.

Elba is actually in the middle of learning a variety of martial arts, Muay Thai, as part of a documentary called Idris Elba: Fighter. The show will see Elba travelling around the world, learning new fighting styles and competing in matches like this one. The show will be airing on the Discovery Channel sometime next year, so be sure to look out for it!

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