I Bet You Didn't Know These 16 Amazing Facts About Drew Barrymore!

Did you know Drew Barrymore was on SNL when she was just 7 years old?

Drew Barrymore is one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses after having appeared in many fan favorites, like ‘Ever After’ in 1998, and ’50 First Dates’ in 2004. Check out the following 16 amazing facts you probably didn’t know about the actress!

1. Drew’s family was also filled with many great actors.

Drew’s grandfather was well known actor John Barrymore, in addition to her parents, John and Jaid Barrymore.

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2. Drew’s acting career started at a very young age.

People think that E.T. was her first acting role. However, Drew starting acting in 1975 when she was only 11 months old: she starred in a Puppy Chow ad.

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3. Record Holder!

Drew holds the record for being the youngest person to host Saturday Night Live. At the tender age of seven years old, she hosted the whole show. Since 1982, she has hosted SNL another six times!

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4. Iconic Godfather.

Drew’s godfather is the famous director and producer, Steven Spielberg.

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5. More Famous Godparents.

Drew has even more famous godparents in the form of her two godmothers, Anna Strasberg and Sophia Loren.

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6. During her teens, she lived with famous rock star David Crosby for three months.

When she was young Barrymore had a tough time with her addiction. She decided to live with David and his wife for three months after having been to rehab several times. When talking about his stay with Drew, Crosby said, “I didn’t want to see her go down the tubes. She needed to be around some people that were committed to sobriety.”

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7. She was awarded legal emancipation when she only 15 years old.

She moved to Los Angeles alone after she was able to gain the rights of someone who was 18 years old.

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8. Drew is also an author and has had many books published.

She wrote her memoirs, ‘Little Girl Lost’, when she was only 15 years old, and later released a photography book entitled ‘Find It In Everything’ in 2014. Another one of her releases came in 2015 when she wrote a group of autobiographical essays called ‘Wildflower’.

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9. Musician Cory Feldman was her boyfriend for a short time.

In 1989, they were briefly together, as seen below at the Academy Awards.

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10. Married at a young age.

She was married for two months after dating bar owner Jeremy Thomas, from Los Angeles, for six weeks.

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11. Rejecting Lead Roles.

In 1996, she was going to play the lead role in scary movie ‘Scream’ but chose to play minor character Casey Becker instead, stating that she believed the less prominent role was going to be more fun.

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12. Best Friends Forever.

She used to be best friends with Courtney Love, and is also her daughter’s godmother.

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13. She dated Luke Wilson for two years.

After acting with him in ‘Home Fries’ and ‘Best Man’.

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14. She was caught in a disastrous house fire.

Drew’s $3 million mansion in Beverly Hills was destroyed whilst she was sleeping inside with her fiancé Tom Green. Both were unharmed after the incident.

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15. She formed a production company with her friend, Nancy Juvonen, called Flower Films.

The company has produced many famous movies, like ‘Charlie’s Angles’, ‘Donnie Darko’, ‘Never Been Kissed’ and ’50 First Dates’.

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16. She has a few allergy problems.

She’s allergic to garlic, coffee, perfume and bee stings.

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