Husbands Who Took Instructions Too Literally

Think your husband is a bit of a doofus? You’re not alone.

Some men have a serious issue with communication. Most of the time, they seem oblivious to clear instructions, and when they are listening, they only take the literal into account. At times, it is somewhat adorable, but most of the time it’s just annoying! For the brave women who are stuck with these lovable idiots for life, here are some husband-caused problems that will make you laugh.

Every single time they take care of the baby, the result is something along these lines:

reddit | TA-93

The husband who was just silently nodding when he was instructed to put the Nesquik away.

reddit | ImmaBadW0lf

When he texts that he has a gift for you.

reddit | Orange_Ya_Glad

It’s whipped cream, not drilled cream.

reddit | Lilaflockensocke

This wife has left nothing to chance with her husband.

reddit | DyerMKR

He did do exactly as instructed!

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It looks quite appetizing.

reddit | crystallizedeyes

His idea of “playing with the baby”.

No, playing on your iPad doesn’t count.

reddit | mwvc

When your pregnant wife asks for frozen yogurt.

reddit | ThePantser

If he’s buying all of this for his wife, then it’s fine.

reddit | Katiesl84

The husband who still doesn’t care enough to replace the toilet paper!

Instagram | @mrsseitz

This husband had the bright idea to dry his wet shirt in the microwave!

reddit | NotKay

He tried.

Bored Panda

I feel for this guy; his brain’s fried from working all night.

reddit | diglettdiddler

These new induction stove tops are bound to confuse men even more!

Bored Panda

He was told to pack the baby a bag. So, he packed the baby in a bag. Same thing!

reddit | mouthfulof

My eyes! They’re burning!

reddit | Goodgardo

A hubby’s way of getting his pregnant wife a baby shower card!

As someone who receives gifts in Christmas bags all year round, this would be a step up!

reddit | MangoBlisters

A 6’2″ husband was instructed to install the bathroom mirror. This is what his 5’9″ wife looks like in front of it…

Bored Panda