Husband Writes This Heartbreaking Letter To His Late Wife

This incredible letter reminds us to cherish every moment with the people we love

Losing a loved one is perhaps the hardest experience that many of us will ever face. We all respond in different ways. When Peter DeMarco lost his wife, he decided to write this heartfelt letter.

Facebook/Peter DeMarco
Facebook/Peter DeMarco

Having to say goodbye to someone you love dearly is a truly heartbreaking experience. Unfortunately, life isn’t always filled with happy endings and things can often go wrong. It takes an enormous amount of courage and strength to get through such a painful event, with countless emotions like anger, fear and desperation swirling around your mind.

Sometimes though, certain people are able to channel those emotions in a truly inspiration way. People like Peter DeMarco. Not long ago, Peter lost his wife Laura. Laura had endured a very serious asthma attack and was rushed to hospital, but never woke up.

We can’t even imagine the pain and sorrow that must have flooded Peter’s mind. But somehow, he found the strength to pay tribute to his late wife and all of the people who had cared for her. He decided to write a beautiful letter, telling Laura’s story, remembering the good times, and thanking the friends, family and hospital workers who looked after her until the end.

You can read the letter below, but we need to give you a big warning and say that it might just break your heart:

To all of you who love the most lovely person in this world, Laura Levis, who is my wife, my best friend, and my soulmate forever, no matter what universe, dimension, or plane of existence we share, and no matter where we are in time and space in this strange, sometimes painful, but mostly wonderful continuum we call life.