Husband Lines Up Five $1 Bills On Diner Table And Reveals Offensive Tipping Method On Facebook

If you’ve worked in a restaurant, what would you do?

Going out to dinner with his wife, one husband tried an ‘experimental tipping method.’ Needless to say, it did not leave friends and family amused … quite the opposite actually. 


While most patrons generally tip 15-20% of their total tab, one such cheapskate did not. In fact, he graciously left four dollars, after playing what some would call ‘mind games’ with his server. Posting to Facebook, one husband explained his preferred and definitely strange method of tipping.

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Putting out five single dollar bills on his table (clearly disregarding the customary tipping guidelines in America), the man uses subliminal messaging to get his point across.

Encouraging diners to deduct a dollar every time their server makes a mistake, the husband promises patrons will receive quality service in a timely fashion.


Needless to say, readers were not exactly thrilled after reading the man’s ‘genius methods.’

“This is how you get spit in your food. If you want good service, go above & beyond to be polite & treat them w/ respect.,” one upset friend posted.


“Sounds crazy, but a lot of waiters/waitresses give [bad] service if they think you won’t tip,” another Facebooker responded.

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