Humane Society Celebrates Adoption Of Over 800 Pets By Putting Employees In Kennels Instead

This was a big milestone for the shelter!

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) has been a temporary home to ten of thousands of pets since its founding in 1949. However, this past winter marked a big moment for the shelter and its employees.

via The Gazzette

“Although we’ve come close to adopting out all of our available dogs before, Monday was the first time we succeeded and had our dogs kennels completely empty!” Gretchen Pressley, the shelter’s community relations manager explained. “Seeing so many pets find wonderful new homes is what makes it all worthwhile for us.”

Just in time for Christmas, HSPPR celebrated a record breaking number of adoptions. Fresh out of family pets for the first time in its history, the organization allowed a different type of resident to enter the kennels.

via ABC News

“What happens when your last available dog gets adopted? Your staff and volunteers jump into the kennels to celebrate!” HSPPR posted to Facebook.

In a short video clip, HSPPR employees rejoiced and welcomed in the New Year, grateful that each and every pup and kitten had found forever homes. The footage instantly raised flags and went viral within a matter of hours. 150,000 views later, it’s still completely adorable.

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