How To Upcycle That Years Old Prom Dress Into The Perfect Mid-Length Skirt

Get some scissors and dig that sucker out from the back of the closet!

After spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on that special prom or bridesmaids dress, you deserve more than one wear out of it! Break that little number out from the back of the closet to follow this super easy DIY tutorial, and you’ll be able to do exactly that. 


We completely understand. Clearly, the dress was too sentimental to part with or too pricey to just give away. Whatever the reason, you’ll be glad you held onto it after watching this creative clip.

One of Fashion Toppings most talented seamstresses devised the perfect sewing pattern to transform any dress (including men’s oversized T-shirts!) into a stylish new skirt.

Clipping and snipping, the woman completely redesigns her lacy black dress into a modern date night outfit.

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