How A Witty Wife Gets You Through Life

With you, I am always vacationing.

Laughter is the best medicine. And marriage is the #1 candidate for that treatment. Life is good and days become light when you have a partner you can mutually crack up with. These ladies below prove me right.

Shoes over everything else.

Twitter | @Romaishungry


Instagram | @houseofmaryyy

Leaving him notes.

Imgur | Lassannn

Got it!

Reddit | cbam

Cool hiding spot.

Twitter | @fourzerotwo

This is a cool wife.



Twitter | @thatclassygirl_/

V-day dessert.

Reddit | thesockbunny

Drunk him will like it too.

Reddit | twoforjoy

Boundaries, woman!

Imgur | Lassannn

What if the app doesn’t work? Huh? Huh?

Reddit | Foreknown


Reddit | TILwhofarted

That’s naughty…

Reddit | sedatemenow

He keeps winning.

Reddit | eisenh0wer

Best breakfast ever.

Reddit | priceky

Cool prizes, huh?

Twitter | @LanetteL

Making the hubby’s life more organized.

Reddit | biscoff_nutella

That’s really cute.

Imgur | MadVillainousDave

Monogrammed presents!

Reddit | blubberbot

Too prepared.

Reddit | justgrant2009

It does that?

Twitter | @simoncholland

Best way to do it.

Twitter | @sandy_manzy

I want this!

Reddit | bmwhd

Making coffee with style.

Reddit | xspacemonkey85x

She’s witty, that one!

Reddit | AelyneMB

She can’t trust him not to press the wrong buttons.

Imgur | bojo2015

Awww, so cuteee!

Twitter | @COM0LAFLOR

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