Hotel Guest Makes ‘Challenges’ For The Housekeepers, They Respond In Kind

The world truly is a marvelously weird place!

Having a job that requires you to travel frequently may sound fun at first, but you get over it pretty soon. You eventually find yourself eating and drinking alone at your hotel, in yet another foreign environment.

The key here is creativity. The more creative you are in attempts to keep yourself occupied, the less bored you’ll be. A proclivity toward this showed itself in a traveler who was staying at a hotel in Azerbaijan.

He started fashioning all sorts of creations using pillows, blankets, and most importantly, his imagination. The housekeeper was very amused by his creations and would always leave him a note in appreciation of what he had fashioned the day prior.

This fun game continued until his departure, when the game ended with a very sweet gesture.

A bored guest created an innovative game to bypass the boredom of staying at a hotel.

As is evident, the housekeeper was certainly amused by his antics.

The housekeeper remade the bed.

And left a note behind.

She was surprised by this monstrosity the following day.

And then this monstrosity.

And then whatever this is.

And whatever this is.

What had started out as an act of boredom turned into the best part of their days.

She saw this later.

And her response was typically friendly.

It was clear that the game meant something to both of them.

Proof of that was found on the man’s last day, as he left her a gift of sorts.


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