Horrible Husband Abandons Wife And Son After Baby's Head Won't Stop Growing

The life of his son was at stake, but the father abandoned his responsibilities

A 19-year old girl, Sharmin, was expecting a boy. There were no complications throughout the delivery and the birth went smoothly. The baby was healthy, but soon Sharmin’s excitement and happiness turned to misery.


When Mohammad was 2 weeks old, Sharmin started to observe an odd thing that was happening: the baby’s head was swelling continuously.

Currently, 18 months old Mohammad has a 69-centimeter wide head which is both agonizing and shocking. Sadly, the baby is unable to lift his head because of its weight.

The diagnosis resulted in the discovery of a dangerous disease called hydrocephalus, also known as “water on the brain”.

It’s the kind of disease in which the spinal fluid increases, leading to the enlargement of the head of a baby approximately to 3 or 4 times its original measurement.

Mohammad was taken to the doctor, a local in Sharmin’s hamlet. But the care needed for the baby’s health could not be provided by the doctor. The treatment for this disease was highly expensive and Sharmin was unable to afford it because of the lack of finances.

What caused more trouble was the fact that Sharmin had been abandoned by her husband, who accused her of being responsible for their son’s current condition.

She broke down because of this, but was not willing to give up on her son. So she decided to move into her father’s place.

A few days later, a native journalist published Sharmin’s baby’s story in a publication. What happened later came as a huge surprise for Sharmin, a single mother struggling for her baby’s health. Watch the video below to see what happened.

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