Hordes Of Irony Abound As Newborn Holds Mother’s Hormonal Coil


The whole purpose of having a hormonal coil inserted was so that Lucy Hellein wouldn’t get pregnant.

The contraceptive, which boasts 99 percent efficacy, was found by midwives after Lucy gave birth to her son Dexter Tyler.

Alabama native Lucy has been thought to have conceived just a few days after having it inserted.

Midwives assured her after conception that it must have fallen out as it could not be found on an ultrasound.

It was later found behind her placenta, however, as she underwent a caesarean.


A picture uploaded on social media shows her unborn son (at the time) clutching the very device that had been inserted to prevent his conception. Dexter’s picture on Facebook amassed almost 75,000 shares in total.

Lucy has said ‘Dexter was definitely meant to be. His original due date was May 4th and even the doctor said “the force was strong with this one”.’

‘Although he wasn’t planned, my family and I feel incredibly blessed.’

She added: ‘For those wondering, no I did not push him out, he was a scheduled c-section.’

‘My daughter was an emergency c-section, so I had this one scheduled primarily because I didn’t want to risk the possibility of going through another emergency c-section.’

Lucy even added that this was the third hormonal coil, or IUD that she had.


Despite the boasted efficacy of this 99 percent effective contraceptive, Lucy found out about her pregnancy before Christmas.

Upon getting checked, she was told she had been pregnant for around 18 weeks, meaning that she had gotten pregnant sometime shortly after getting fitted with the coil.

The doctor told her that it had probably fallen out as it wasn’t visible on the ultrasound. Amazingly (and ironically) enough, it was found in the hands of her newborn baby when he was delivered.

Lucy has now had her fallopian tubes removed because she tried contraceptives and they failed her.

Check out how effective each contraceptive is below.

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