Homeless Man Is Given A Free Makeover And Looks Totally Gorgeous When It's Finished!

You won’t believe this transformation

A man in Spain, with nothing to his name, was thoughtfully gifted a completely new look by a nearby salon. A new look also meant a new outlook on life. Some scissor-work, hair coloring, and stylish new clothes converted Jose Antonio from worn out to tasteful and trendy; the man could not believe the difference.

Jose, referred to as Josete by local people in Palma, lived on the streets for 25 years. Salva Garcia, proprietor of La Salvajeria hair salon, welcomed Jose for a free makeover. When they showed him the mirror to reveal to him his newly trimmed stubble and lavish cocoa hair, he started to cry. “My God… Is this me?” He shouts in a video of the change made by the salon.

Overflowing with delight, Jose went to the town. Local people who were accustomed to his previous appearance were stunned, yelling compliments from distances away. La Salvajeria has since talked to Spanish TV stations that Jose is currently getting monetary help from an anonymous organization and no longer lives on the streets. “It wasn’t only a change of look. It changed my life,” he told journalists.

25 years, Jose Antonio was forced to take to the streets.

Everyone in town knew him, because he helped park cars in the town square for a small wage.

Salva Garcia, proprietor of La Salvajeria hair salon, welcomed Jose to get a free makeover.

This was no simple undertaking, as Jose’s long and tough hair – including his stubble – had to be cut and controlled.