Hockey Fan Doesn't Have Any Change For A Homeless Fan, So He Offers Him A Ticket

A unique act of kindness

Jimmy Mains didn’t plan to befriend someone that evening, as he walked to the stadium to watch Pittsburgh Penguins play against Tampa Bay Lightning.


While walking to the arena, the dedicated hockey fan watched a homeless man looking dismayed over his poor luck that day.

Jimmy looked for change in his pockets after the man asked him for some, but he found none.

Jimmy had a sudden thought and instead of giving him extra change, Jimmy handed him an extra ticket to the hockey game that he was attending.

Posted on March 14, 2017, the video below shows Jimmy saying that, “Just because someone is out on the street, doesn’t make you any better than them.”

The kindhearted hockey fan thought that time spent inside the cozy hockey arena was always better than time spent on the cold streets.

After bringing the homeless man, Rob, inside, Jimmy sat next to him and they cheered and sang the national anthem together. And they watched Pittsburgh Penguins, Jimmy’s team, win the game, scoring five to the other team’s two.

Jimmy’s decision turned out to be an amazing one. He had someone to sit with him during the match and most of all, he formed a special friendship with Rob. A day that neither of them will ever forget!

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