His Cat Makes Sure He Does This Each Time Before Leaving The House!

You won’t be able to handle the cuteness overload!

There are those who think cats aren’t the most loving of pets. Although it’s true that they can often come across as aloof or even bored with their owners, this story might change your mind!

via YouTube

Just like people, cats have unique personalities of their own, some of which can really challenge the common misconception that cats are not as loving as other pets.

This kitty named Ville is from Sweden and has been given the title “The Most Loving Cat In The World” according to viewers online after seeing the adorable way he shows his love each time his human leaves their house.

Watch what happens when Ville’s human gets ready to leave the house. It’s nothing short of heartwarming.

The internet can’t get enough of this adorable feline! This video proves that our furry friends actually do love us, whether they show it as often as Ville or not!

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