High School Sweethearts Keep Missing One Another, 20 Years Later Something Incredible Happens

You will never believe this magnificent story of missed connections and long lost love- it’s straight out of a romance novel!

When you watch the following video, you will refuse to believe that this is a real-life love story! It’s just so unreal and absolutely astonishing!


You’ll be stunned after hearing of what these high-school sweethearts went through to find one another after so many years!

Wray and Mary both live in the city of Meridian, Idaho. Last Valentine’s Day, the two celebrated 19 years as a married couple.

However, according to the lovebirds, if it weren’t for a random twist of fate, the two could very well have been celebrating 49 years together instead!

The two first met while they were in high school together in California, and like the saying goes, it was love at the very first sight.

“I saw this cute guy over there and afterwards I said, ‘OK, he’s mine,’” Mary joked.

Unfortunately, as many couples are prone to doing after high school, they separated and went off in completely different life paths. They both were married to others, and even raised families of their own.

Wray never let go of his first true love, and after he and his wife divorced, he went off and tried to do a thing or two about it.

Their graduating class set up a 10-year high school reunion, and Wray felt eager to get the chance to see Mary after so many years.

“So, I went to the reunion to see her at the 10 year, and she didn’t show up. So I had to wait another 20 years,” said Wray.

Mary was still married during the time. She wondered if Wray had gone to the reunion, but didn’t show up herself.

Fortunately, this wasn’t the end for this pair. A whopping 20-year journey followed, with the two attempting to find their way back towards each other, but encountering all sorts of obstacles along the way. Mary even had a point where she thought Wray was having his revenge on her by missing the reunion at an airport!

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