Hidden In Forest, Secret Camera Captures Spooky Footage Of Rumored "Jersey Devil"

That thing DEFINITELY isn’t human!

Setting up a few harmless trail cameras, a couple of friendly hunters might have captured a rather infamous, yet unfamiliar face on tape. It appears the Jersey Devil, a ‘flying biped with hooves,’ has broken its silence in the wild! Whether you believe in the ‘folklore,’ ‘tall tales,’ or rumored sightings, there’s one question everyone seems to be asking: what exactly IS that thing?


The ‘bright idea’ actually wasn’t expected to yield any promising results. By setting up a few “just-in-case” trail cams, the men thought they’d simply see what happened.

Needless to say, the hunter enthusiasts got a whole lot more than they bargained for!


Footage of deer and other wildlife was definitely expected. After all, they were looking deep into the Southern New Jersey woods!

Even so, the game hunters weren’t exactly prepared for what they saw on the screen. Standing directly behind a long-horned buck was a mysterious, almost skeletal-like, ghostly figure.


Then the men noticed another frame, showing what appeared to be the same strange silhouette! Only this time, it wasn’t facing the camera and looked more to be wandering aimlessly through the forest.

Upon taking a more focused look at the ‘thing’ onscreen, the hunters saw something entirely different staring back at them.

The mysterious figure transformed into a brand new creature! It had two bunny rabbit-like ears and appeared to be chasing prey on all fours!

Just like that, the footage sparked a memory involving tales of the “Jersey Devil,” a hooved animal that could fly.


Little did they know, there was still one more piece to the puzzle.

Out of nowhere, a bright, practically glowing character appeared onscreen. The thing even carried what looked to be a wand in one of his hands!


The hunters continued to watch the shocking and spooky footage as if there weren’t enough strange happenings already!

That’s when they noticed a deer, literally standing in the headlights. The crazy part? There wasn’t a single vehicle in sight! What could possibly be powering them?


No matter where you might stand on the validity of the mythical creature, one universal truth holds strong: that THING definitely isn’t human.

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