Here's Why Sofia Vergara Is Simply The Best Woman Alive

Isn’t she lovely?

Sofia Vergara is pretty much the perfect Woman. She’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women on TV, and she’s seriously funny as well! So here’s a couple of facts about her that prove that she’s an international treasure.

As a child she used to watch the Spanish dubbed version of Ed O’Neill’s ‘Married with Children.’

In a grand twist of fate she landed up his fictional wife!

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She’s actually a Natural Blonde.

Talk about flipping beauty standards!


In order to make herself look more curvy, she used to wear two pairs of pants.

Surely that’s no longer an issue.

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At a younger age she wanted to get breast reduction done.

She is glad she didn’t do it though.

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Due to a wardrobe mishap at the Emmy’s her entire back was visible.

This happened just 20 minutes before she was due to go up on stage!

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She confessed that she always goes over-the-top with her accent on Modern Family.

Isn’t that half of what makes Gloria so memorable.

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Before becoming an Actor she studied Dentistry.

I’m sure everyone would have been lining up to get themselves examined by her.

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via Giphy / BET

Sofia went with several dates to the 2013 Emmys.

21 to be exact.

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Her bra size is 32F!

That might explain her desire for a reduction.

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She’s a Thyroid Cancer survivor.

I’m sure we’re all thankful for that.

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She was discovered in a beach at the age of 17.

The photographer sure had great taste.

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Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara were momentarily an item back in 2005.

To top that off, they were introduced to each other by Will Smith!

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Shakira and Vergara are BFFs.

They come from the same town.

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She can SING!

She’s appeared on Broadway as Mama Morton in Chicago.

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Her lucky hubby is Joe Manganiello.

You might know him from Magic Mike or True Blood.

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via Giphy ABC