Here's What Your Body Shape Can Say About the Health of Your Relationship

The body shape of a person can speak so much about their personality.

There are theories out there that the shape of a person’s body indicates how they are as a lover…

Has your relationship ever resulted in you plopped down on a couch with a whole family-sized pizza to yourself and endless Netflix reruns? Anyone? Please don’t tell me it’s just me…

Nonetheless, some believe that the physical shape of your body, and we’re not just talking weight here, has plenty to say about how you are as a relationship partner. It sounds weird, but check out why!

1. Rectangular

If you have this body type, you must be old-fashioned in nature. Maybe that shows up in your relationships as you tend to choose more traditional or classy people. Who doesn’t love a classic?

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2. Oval

Tend to wear the pants when it comes to your relationships? Oval shapes indicate you’re the decision-maker in the partnership. People can find it intimidating as hell or ridiculously sexy. We think it’s more the latter, isn’t it?

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3. Triangular Shapes

Quiet conversationalist? On the outside you’re a quiet little mouse, but on the inside you are a wild beast!

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4. Spoon

You flirtatious little minx, you. Curvy and bold, your outgoing personality shines through all day!

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5. Upside Down Triangle

You get all the attention but yet you’re still shy, you don’t let anyone see the real person you are inside. Let yourself shine!

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6. That Hourglass Shape

Confidence is key for you! This may be why you’re so picky in your relationships…

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7. Apple

You’re the type to give all of yourself in a relationship, and hope your partner does the same for you. When it doesn’t happen, you tend to go a bit…ballistic.

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8. Peanut

Flirtatious, fun, outgoing- the works! You have a wild side that can’t be controlled, so you often end up with…let’s say unorthodox…relationships.

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9. Curves Curves Curves!

Despite your curvaceous bod, you often put your careers before your love life. Once you start to take love seriously, you’ll see that you can find the perfect one!

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10. String bean!

People often find you sassy and full of attitude, which can drive your lover crazy (and not in the bad way!). Sometimes though, it gets in the way of your relationship, so once you learn to not take everything so harshly, love will come easy!

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11. Thin Figure

For the thin ones, timid personality types prevents them from happiness, so confidence is key here!

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12. Pear

The constant stream of compliments makes you desire someone who acknowledges your personality and mind.

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13. Athletic and Narrow

You want a lover who isn’t against taking charge, but sometimes that leaves your thoughts unspoken. Speak up!

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14. More Narrow Pear

Everybody sees you as cool and laid-back. There isn’t much that phases you! This will get you far in relationships, so keep it up!

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15. Banana

You often tend to settle for less! Don’t do it, you deserve so much more!

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16. More Narrow Hourglass

People find you such a cutie. You’re the quirky one who just loves love. That can sometimes be trouble when you don’t know when to call it quits in a dead-end relationship.

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