Here's Manny Pacquiao's Pre-Fight Diet

He’s one serious beast!

Tons of hard work, blood, and sweat goes into becoming a successful professional athlete. While natural talent plays a key role as well, what defines success is the work one puts in.

Very few sports icons work as hard as Filipino powerhouse Manny Pacquiao.

The fighter has some amazing achievements, but his work really shows in his preparation before a fight.

The Boxing Observer

He sticks to drinking only hot liquids.

This stems from his belief that cold liquids are not good for one’s health.

TelegraphAFP / Getty Images

He also eats a complete bowl of rice with each of his daily meals.

Gulf News

In total, he eats five daily meals that amount to a total of 8k calories!

Faith Family America

He is simply unstoppable.


Could you keep up with such an intense diet?


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