Here Are The 17 Types of People You Shouldn't Ever Date

Stay away and save yourself from situations like these!

We can all agree that there are some people in the world you just shouldn’t date. Even so, some people still end up doing it. Who can figure out why some people just jump at an opportunity to get involved with the most needy, uncompromising, and just plain awful people on earth? In the end, they only have themselves to blame.

1. Too little, too late.

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2. That’s a bit overboard!

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3. You didn’t think this list wouldn’t include this girl, did you?

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4. You can at least give her Netflix…

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5. Well the cake kind of softens it a bit…

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6. Damn, that was a good one!

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7. Things got Biblical.

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8. Genius.

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9. Just telling it like it is.

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10. She started something and she’s sticking to it.

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11. Well damn, that was just mean.

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12. Those are some CSI-like observation skills.

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13. Well, I guess you got your answer then.

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14. Cuuuute.

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15. Great, now you’re stuck.

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16. Ooops.

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17. Over thinking it much?

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