Here Are Some Amazing Ways To Use A Filing Cabinet That You Would Never Have Thought Of

An OCD dream…

Owning a filing cabinet doesn’t necessarily make you an organized person. In fact, maybe your cabinet is simply sitting around and not being used. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of super-cool ways to use a filing cabinet for things other than files! Remember to comment below and tell us any other ways you can think of too!

Add extra organization to a cluttered fridge.

Most families have fridges that are covered with kids’ drawings, notes, shopping lists, calendars, and more. If this sounds like a familiar issue, attach magnets on old file organizers and stick them up there! You can make as many or as little as you like, label them, and get into the habit of using them.

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Organize your boxed goods

You can arrange anything from coffee to pasta packets, as seen below. If your boxed goods are often all over the place, this is a fool-proof way to keep them in check. I think I’ll be using this for my tea boxes! You can even paint or draw on the container for a decorative look.

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No more Tupperware without lids

I absolutely love Tupperware, but can’t ever seem to keep my lids in order! There is nothing more annoying than struggling to find matching lids for those plastic containers. By attaching this basket organizer to a nearby surface, such as the inside of your cupboard, your lids will be instantly available at any time! You can also use this trick for other pesky items, such as utensils or even pans.

via Better Homes and Gardens

Why not go ahead and file different foods?

You would think this idea was obvious, but I never thought to blatantly file my food. Of course, this only works with food that doesn’t have to be refrigerated, but it’s perfect for things like potatoes, onions, even pastas!

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Storing all of those annoying hair and makeup products.

I have two sisters in the house, so I know more than anyone how much beauty products accumulate. Instead of wasting space on the counter with clips, pins, straighteners, blow dryers, and so much more, putting them into file organizers is the perfect solution! Just make sure to wrap the cords and save so much room!

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Differentiate between clothes or towels.

Who hasn’t had that age-old sibling argument that goes a little like this: “That’s my shirt.” “Np it’s mine!” Avoid all of that, and avoid mixing towels, by using these file organizers.


via The Real Thing with the Coake Family

Keep your favorite makeup on file

If you love ordering those brand-name makeup products, then you’ll love this one. Use these dividers to keep all of your bronzers, blushes, and more in line. Now you could have that extra counter space that you have been needing for a while. What a time and space-saver!

via Yellow Elephant Beauty Sarah Jane’s Obsessions

Always pick the right sponge.

Me and my OCD make it so hard to allow myself to screw up when choosing a sponge for a certain type of cleaning. I would just die if I used a sponge that I had previously used for the toilet, or anything else just as gross. Having a file organizer can act as a separator between sponges. Just make sure to label them or you’ll stay confused, especially with a big family!

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Organized clutches?

I don’t have many clutches myself, but I know how annoying the few I do have can be when they’re lying around the house. If you’re one of the people who overindulge in clutch shopping, make sure to use the file organizer to even go as far as color-coding the clutches. This way, you can pick a purse that matches your outfit almost instantly! It can also act as a display of your awesome shopping skills!

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Shoes off

No one hates shoes lying around all over the apartment more than me. Well, a file organizer can also act as the most amazing shoe organizer! It’s also a great way to separate the winter shoes form the summer flats, and lets you pick out the shoes you want to wear quickly and easily. Stop tripping up over shoes on the floor when you could keep them like this.

via A Little Craft In Your Day

The perfect tea-time corner

This is the most adorable and decorative-yet-functional tea corner ever! It’s such a nice way to show off those awesome teas you collected. This specific one is the “Knuff file/magazine organizer” from good old IKEA. Just look at that shape! You can make it even better by drilling holes in the bottom and hammering them into place or onto the wall. How cool!

via IKEA Hackers

Such a cool corner table or shelf!

This is one of my favorites! You can hang up an organizer on the wall and prop up decorations on it, or even fill it with remotes or controllers. It will make sure to keep that TV stand uncluttered for good!

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