Here Are 5 Of The Biggest Signs To Watch Out For That Prove You May Be Vitamin Deficient

And they are written on your face! Just a quick look in the mirror will tell you something is wrong…

Now that we’re closing in on the beginning of springtime (finally!), we start to face problems post-winter, such as vitamin deficiency. Our body relies heavily on vitamins to make us feel stronger and help boost our immune system, so without them, we’re left feeling weak and vulnerable to viruses…

It’s as easy as just looking at yourself in the mirror to find out if you might have a vitamin deficiency. Have a read through this article and you’ll be able to diagnose your biggest issue in no time!

1. Puffy eyes

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Take a look at your eyes and try to see if you have any sort of puffiness around them. Your limbs are also an indicator, do you see any puffiness? If so, you may be in need of some iodine. Iodine can be taken in many different forms, with the most popular being iodized salt. However, it can also be found in different seafood, breads, and also dairy products.

2. Overly pale skin

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We wish we could all have a great looking tan as the last days of winter come around. Well, if your skin looks to have lost all its color and more, then you may be missing out on some B12 vitamins. B12 helps keep you active and happy. So, make sure you eat more seafood and meat to help bring that color back to your face and lift your mood!

3. Bleeding gums

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If your gums are bleeding, maybe after you brush your teeth, that’s probably from having a lack of vitamin C. Without enough vitamin C in your body, you’ll experience weakness in your immunity, body pain from your muscles, and pain in your teeth. Citrus fruits can be a huge source of vitamin C, along with red peppers.

4. Dry hair

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Have dry, stiff hair that’s always loaded with dandruff? If so, then time to load up on vitamin B7, or more commonly known as, biotin. Eating meat, vegetables, mushrooms, fruit and more can help bring up your B7 levels.

5. Colorless lips

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If you’re lacking iron, it’ll show in your lips, which become really pale. People with low blood pressure or someone with a cold may also experience pale lips. It’s not hard to fix too! All you need to do is make sure that you increase your red meat intake and cut out all the foods that contain very high amounts of calcium.

Keep in mind that these indicators of vitamin deficiency are all just suggestions, so please make sure to see a doctor first to receive a more detailed and precise diagnosis.