Here Are 21 Awesome Grocery Shopping Tips For Saving Cash

Save big with this great advice on grocery shopping, and see your bill be instantly reduced!

Grocery shopping for your family and yourself can be all too expensive at times, but having a small budget doesn’t mean you have to eat unhealthy food! We’ve collected some wonderful money saving tips that will help you eat well for less.

1. Buying at the right time.

Buying certain products in their season will help you save heavily whilst also being able to enjoy tastier foods at their best time of the year.

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2. Buying in large amounts.

Buying certain products like potatoes and grains in large amounts helps you save money over a long period of time.

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3. Know your product.

When going to the supermarket, looking for fruits and vegetables can be a hassle as sometimes you don’t know whether they’re too ripe or not ripe at all. Well, with a bit of research, you’ll be able to know what the best produce looks like, saving you from ever buying bad produce again!

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4. Learn how to ripen your produce.

Sometimes it can be really annoying when you finally find the produce you’ve been looking for but you can’t eat it because it isn’t ripe yet. Well fear no more! There are plenty of ways for you to speed up the ripening process at home.

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5. Cooking to perfection.

It’s important to learn how to properly cook tricky things like rice and beans that can be added to your meal to give it some really tasty extra bulk. This will also save you the embarrassment of throwing away badly cooked food.

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6. Should I throw it away?

The “best before” dates aren’t always on the dot, as they are usually more suggestions or guesses to when the product will go bad. So throwing away good food because it says so on the label can be a real waste.

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7. Storing meat the right way.

Storing meat is really important, as meat can go bad if not stored in the right spots in your freezer or fridge.

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8. Produce is just as important!

Storing your fruits and vegetables in certain areas can go a long way.

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9. Tricks from the desert.

I bet you didn’t know this handy trick- using sand to store your root vegetables. Farmers have been using this method for years to help preserve their produce for a longer time.

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10. Another alternative.

Using sand however, isn’t the only method, as you can also store plenty of vegetables in vented paper bags.

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11. Using your freezer.

Using your freezer for fruits that were bought in season can be super helpful, as they’ll last much longer and you’ll also be able to enjoy them when they’re out of season.

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12. Managing your meat.

Splitting your meat up before putting it in the freezer will help you portion it out for when it’s needed.

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13. Save big on baby food.

As we all know, baby food can be really expensive, so making your own can be a real money saver- and also much healthier!

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14. Easy smoothie instructions.

Everyday produce like spinach and greens can be easily made into a delicious, otherwise expensive smoothie.

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15. Herbs for one.

Having your herbs and other green produce frozen flat and then put into empty water bottles for storing will help you portion out your meals better, depending on how much you need.

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16. Using aluminum for your celery.

Having your celery wrapped in aluminium will help it last for much longer.

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17. Know your avocado!

This guide will let you know exactly when your avocado is most ripe for use.

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18. Using glass to store food.

Storing food in glass jars is really smart. Glass jars can be reused, don’t create a smell like their plastic counterparts, and also don’t get damaged when put in the microwave.

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19. Become the farmer!

Easy-to-grow produce like lettuce and celery can be a great addition to the kitchen as they only need water.

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20. More butter the better.

Mixing butter with water is an easy solution as it’ll help spread it easier and also make it last much longer. Don’t do this when baking though.

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21. Don’t throw away the milk just yet!

If you have milk that is close to it’s expiry date, an easy and tasty alternative is to put it in the freezer with crushed Oreo’s for a nice iced treat.

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