Here Are 21 Amazing Travel Instagram Accounts That You Absolutely Have To Follow

Some of the photos they have taken are absolutely breathtaking!

If you love to travel or simply appreciate good photography, you just have to follow these people!

These Instagram accounts are absolutely essential for the cultured traveler.

1. @nicole_franzen

Nicole is the ultimate traveler on Instagram! Originally from New York, she travels and documents her adventure with amazing photos of the different sites and foods that she comes across.


2. @theadventurehandbook

This page is made up of an awesome network of people from all over the world who love to share their amazing stories. It really makes you want to get out and do the same.


3. @hebdomania

Another Instagram traveler, except this time it’s more about buildings and the landscapes that surround them.


4. @sarahpannell

Sarah is an amazing Australian photographer who posts romantic style films/photos of all the places she goes to.


5. @carleyscamera

This minimal style photography has made Carley a big shot in the travel blogging scene.


6. @anneparavion

Anna is an outgoing adventurer who has a thing for crazy designs and different colors.


7. @kasiabedkowski

Kasia is a graphic designer who loves to travel and take breathtaking pictures of nature.


8. @li0nsmane

From the United Kingdom, Aslan has got into experimenting with the different ways of making film photography, which means he always gets a double tap from us!


9. @alexstrohl

Originally born in Madrid but raised in France, Alex tells us a story through his photography. He always makes sure to capture the perfect moment when it happens.


10. @fursty

Someone who always has their tent ready to go, this photographer, based in the Pacific Northwest, spends his time out with nature and never disappoints when it comes to animals and landscapes.


11. @lucylaucht

This British traveler left on a one-way ticket and hasn’t looked back since! Traveling around the US in a van with her soulmate, she’ll make sure to keep your feed full of gorgeous pictures.


12. @theslowtraveler

Carolyn, from London, always captures the perfect prettiness that’s all around us.


13. @jaredchambers

This super minimal photographer from L.A. takes photos of amazing landscapes.


14. @nicanorgarcia

From Barcelona, Nicanor takes photos of all the different kinds of architecture that you’ll find in all the different cities that he visits.


15. @wildsommer

Film photography and landscapes filled with colors are some of the many things you’ll find on this German photographer’s Instagram.


16. @theprettycities

ThePrettyCities brings to us the vibrant views of all the different cities and towns from across the world.


17. @dawnchapman

Another film photographer, from New Zealand, this photographer keeps us updated with all the trips that he takes.


18. @alliemtaylor

Who doesn’t love seeing a perfect starry night show up on their Instagram feed? This photographer from Switzerland spends their time road tripping around America and capturing all these amazing photos.


19. @benjaminhardman

An Australian in Iceland. Benjamin documents the change in seasons that Iceland faces over the course of the year.


20. @morganphillips

This American road tripper will be sure to make you jealous with the amount of amazing scenes they see.


21. lusttforlife

Olivia is an uber-cool traveler who’s contemporary style will have you liking all her photos in no time.


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