Here Are 16 Photos That Prove That Absolutely Everything is Bigger in Texas!

The Lone Star State has its reputation for a reason…

“Everything’s bigger in Texas” the saying goes. Unless you’ve been to the massive state, you’ll never know just how true that is. Here are a few photos to help you understand…

1. These aren’t just any ordinary house bugs in Texas, they’re crazy alien hybrid ones with 293873756 babies attached.

via reddit / ciggity

2. You just can’t find any bigger anti-gun law signs.

via CTV News Eric Gay / AP

3. Even a simple trip to Subway is just that much more insane.

via reddit / masterwolf

4. Ford pick-up trucks aren’t simply big, they’re monstrous!

via reddit / maybetoday

5. Hail the size of baseballs!

5089a433-fde1-4a68-a0e6-a4cf4ceaa6e0 (1)
via reddit / amici_ursi

6. Even nature has to be bigger in Texas.

via reddit / earthless_orchid

7. The greater the hail ball, the bigger the damage…

via reddit / brazthemad

8. The only thing tiny about Texas are the shark bites, apparently.

via reddit / zsreport

9. Have you ever seen a bigger horn?

c5d8b967-5ec8-4684-881c-89525ff97536 (1)
via reddit / PussyWhistle

10. In Texas, you get an early start on Democrat-bashing.

via reddit / berberthegreat

11. A Texas-sized storm for a Texas-sized state.

via reddit / Fair_to_midland

12. Not sure what this is but it’s big and terrifying.

via reddit / Kaleidoscope_sky

13. Like I said, nature just can’t do things in a small way in Texas. Got to have a storm and a rainbow at the same time.

via reddit / Mr__Rager__69

14. Military wheelchairs are totally a thing in Texas.

via reddit / ciscosurvive

15. Big truck, big AC.

via reddit / mackis624

16. Even a terrifying rattlesnake needs to be that much bigger to fit in in Texas.

This crazy guy is 11 feet long!
via reddit / TacoInABag

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