Here are 15 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From 'The Vampire Diaries' You Never Knew!

The last one is going to make you very, very happy!

You’ll love these secrets from the set!

After eight glorious seasons, The Vampire Diaries is coming to an end. We’re sadly (and reluctantly) going to be forced to say goodbye to our favorite vampires, witches, werewolves, and loads of other beings. Excuse me while I cry a little into my tub of Haagen Daz.

The question is left to who is going to be the new villain in the next and final season? Will Elana come back and will she reunite with Damon? WE NEED ANSWERS!

Before we will get any answers, lets reminisce on the good old days and take a look at these awesome facts about the show!

1. In the 2nd Season, Isobel’s phone number, 919-399-2507, was fully shown on the mobile phone screen. It turns out that it was a real-life phone number, and fans could give it a call to hear a recorded message from cast members!!

HOLY CRAP! I wish I knew that at the time. I also hope that some smart fan out there got a recording of that message. What would you do if you have Paul Wesley or Ian Somerhalder on the other end of the phone?!

via The Vampire Diaries Wiki

2. Damon and Elena’s legendary hookup wasn’t supposed to happen until much later. The show’s writers wanted to make  us all suffer through three or four more seasons without it! Even crazier, they never wanted Elena as a human to be with Damon, but she gave the fans what they wanted!

Well, we already had to wait that long, how would they make us wait even more? #DelenaForeverrrr


3. Who said being a vampire would be easy? It took over three hours to make the actors look like vampires! The process consists of contact lenses, special personalized fangs, prosthetics, makeup and more to get that veiny, vampire look.

via The Vampire Diaries Wiki

4. Who wasn’t jealous of Nina Dobrev’s ability to make her hair silky straight when she acts as Elena, and wildly curly when she plays Katherine? Fear not, it was all fake! Nina had to wear a wig every time she played Katherine’s character. Yep, those gorgeous locks were fake!

Doesn’t matter to us, she was everyone’s favorite doppleganger!

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5. With all that fake blood you have to wonder what it’s made out of! The actors say it’s even edible- it’s made out of corn syrup, salt, peppermint, and of course, food coloring.

Doesn’t really sound too tasty to me.


6. Paul Wesley didn’t get the role of Stefan without a bit of hard work! He apparently auditioned for the part 15 times! Finally, the producers accepted him once they saw him act with Nina. Supposedly, everyone in the room could feel the tension from their chemistry!

Now, I don’t even remember him together with Elena anymore! Still team Delena!

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7. There were so close to cutting Tyler out of the show! The writers were going to kill him off since he was such a jerk on the series, but they love Michael Trevino so they kept him anyway!

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8. Ian loved the bad boy life! He started hating that Damon transformed into this good guy as he enjoyed playing the villain. Hoever, he changed his mind because he loved the new relationship that formed between Damon and Elena.

We just won’t stop shipping Delena!

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9. In reality, the cast is crazy close with one another! When each season is finished filming, they throw a giant party and even sign each other’s yearbooks full of photos from behind-the-scenes!

Sooooo how do I sign up? I want to be their best friend!

via YouTube / TV Guide Magazine

10. Nina really left the show because she couldnt stand woking around Ian Somerhalder! They had been dating in real life while they both starred on the show (Rest in Peace NIAN!). They eventually broke up, and he began dating her best friend Nikki Reed!

I highly doubt they’re still best friends, but we think Nina might come back for season 8!

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11. Three of the shows big male stars, Paul, Michael and Zach Rohrig, originally auditioned for the role of Damon!

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12. Ashley Tisdale was offered the part of Elena, but turned it down!

I cannot imagine her playing Elena!

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13. The mysterious Salvatore brother were originally meant to be “the Whitmore brothers”! Thankfully the producers agreed that Salvatore sounded more vampire-y.

I could see myself with Damon Salvatore much more than Damon Whitmore. Damon Whitmore seems like the kind of guy to complain that the country club’s wine isn’t good enough. Damon Salvatore, though…that’s the kind of guy you want as the coolest BF ever.

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14. Ian was almost cast in another vampire TV series before The Vampire Diaries! He originally auditioned for the role as sexy Jason Stackhouse from True Blood, but show-runners rejected him because they thought he was too old for the part.

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The show-runners confirmed it! YESSSS!

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What do you want to see in the finale season?

DELENA!!! Haven’t we said it enough?


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