Here Are 13 Realistic Signs That Prove Your Partner Might Be Cheating

No, you won’t magically find someone else’s underwear in your couch or lipstick on his collar…

Think you’ll know if your partner is cheating on you? Think again!

We all like to think that we would know if our boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on us. Some of us even think that we would just “get a feeling” about it. Forget all that, because unfortunately, some people can be really good at it. Not everyone is dumb enough to leave their mistress’ panties in the corner of the room, or give the person their cheating with their home phone number. This list is for those that are smoother about it than you would like to think…

How many of these signs can you recognize?

1. Going to bed at different times.

The old, “I just have to be up early” or “I’m just going to watch some Netflix” excuses shouldn’t work on you. Your partner may claim they have some reason for going to bed before or after you, but they might be trying to buy themselves some alone time to talk to someone while you can’t watch. They may even go as far as sleep on the couch.

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2. Trying to keep track of you being home or not.

If your partner suddenly cares a little too much of where you’ll be at different times, maybe their trying to hide something. Maybe they want to sneak away with no questions asked, or maybe they want to have someone over. Regardless, if this begins happening out of nowhere, maybe you should pay a surprise visit home.

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3. They avoid movies or TV series that talk about affairs or cheating

You should try to play HBO’s series The Affair and see how they react. Do they not want to watch it? Do they get all squirmy and weird? If you see them begin to look uncomfortable or act odd in any way, that may be a sure sign.


4. New scents

Do you suddenly smell a different perfume or cologne on your partner? Is their choice of scents different than normal? Sometimes, when people start seeing someone else, they try to impress them with the scent they like. Otherwise, maybe they found their way into someone else’s scent. Either way, you can try to figure out why they made the change!

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5. Change in their everyday routine

By a certain age, people know what they like and don’t like, and form lasting habits. Especially if you’re in a long-term relationship with someone, they tend to be ritualistic about certain things. If your parter begins to break their patterns for no apparent reason, maybe you will want to figure out why they’re rearranging things in their life.

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6. They aren’t around for long periods at a time

Obviously, if your partner is often away for untold reasons, something is going on. Sometimes, if you caught a sneaky one in your life, they find a way to explain it in the most logical way. Did they jut want alone time? Did they go and look for something at the mall? Did they feel like taking a jog in the park? Much of these excuses are fool-proof, as you can’t really find out if they were true or not.


7. Starting to pay extra attention to their appearance

Did you partner begin buying lots of new clothes, get a haircut, change the way they do their makeup, or the like? Did they used to sit in their pajamas on Friday night, but now they suddently want to get their hair done and spend time in front of the mirror? Or have they started hitting the gym a lot more than before? All of these changes often indicate they’re trying to impress someone. Let’s just hope it’s you!

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8. Their hidden guilt begins to eat at them

If your partners behavior changes, definitely take note. They may be extra nice to you, or they may be more snappy at you than usual. Guilt can eat people alive, and if your partner is cheating, it may take a toll on them, from being unable to sleep or eat, to being depressed.


9. New words or expressions

Has your partner suddenly started talking differently, or saying new words or ideas that you never heard before? Maybe their choice of wording has changes, or they’re suddenly speaking in a different melody? Sometimes, when people spend a lot of time with someone knew, they begin to minic their personality or speech.

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10. Suddenly their social life is much more active

If your partner didn’t just start a new life somewhere, they probably haven’t had many changes in their social life. If he or she begins filling their calendar with new activities or social gatherings without you, you should wonder why. It can be hard to make time for each other, or they try to create plans that they just can’t get out of. Maybe they duck out of plans you two made together. This can either indicate the idea that they are trying to meet with someone else, or they don’t want you to meet with a certain someone.

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11. Follow your gut

Trust you instincts! The biggest indicator is your own gut-feeling. If you think something isn’t right, chances are you’re right. Of course, be logical and don’t give in to paranoia, and maybe make sure that one of these other factors have happened as well. But if you truly think that your significant other is cheating or having an affair, follow the scent. Sometimes, they may not have even acted on it, and there might be something wrong in your relationship that you may be able to fix.

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12. The stare

If you confront your partner about cheating, or just ask them a question that may catch them at it, don’t disregard the blank stare. They might not know how to answer, or delay their response as they think of something safe to say. Maybe they pretend they didn’t hear, and ask you to repeat the question, or just seem to stall for more time. This may indicate that they are trying to cover up a lie.

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13. Suddenly way more interested in sex

A new crush may stir up your partners sex drive, and they may displace it onto you. It may even be a way for them to overcompensate for their guilt, or cover up why they bought condoms or are starting to take birth control again.

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