Here Are 10 Things You Should Never Do In Someone Else's Home

When you’re a guest, you need to be on your best behavior

At this time of year, it’s highly likely that many of you might be invited round to stay with friends or family for the holidays. If you’re going to be a guest, you need to follow some unwritten rules in order to make sure everyone has a good time. If you’d like to show respect and gratitude to your host, be sure to follow the advice in this list! 


1. Never use the back door.

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Obviously, if the host says that you may use the back door, then you can go ahead. Otherwise, stay away from it. People have their habits and systems, and the front door is usually the best way to enter and exit the home.

2. Don’t snoop around.

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Drawers are where people tend to hide things when they’ve got guests coming round. We all have our little secrets, and your host is trusting you to keep your nose out of their business. Snooping around and opening up all the drawers to see what you can find is highly disrespectful. If you’re looking for something in particular, simply ask the host.

3.  Don’t expect to be fed.

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It’s likely that your host will want to cook for you, but you should never simply assume this. Food isn’t always cheap, so it’s good to contribute in your own way by offering to do some cooking and shopping for yourself. Even if your host declines, at least you did the polite thing by making the offer.

4. Remember to put the toilet seat down.

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In many homes, the toilet lid is kept closed whenever it is not in use. This is just how some people like to live, and if you’re living in their home, then you should do the same. Leaving the lid open is just one little thing that can really get on people’s nerves, as well as being a big sign of disrespect.

5. Be prepared to change your way of living.

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You have your habits in your own home, but don’t necessarily think that you can use them all in someone else’s. We all live in our own ways and have our own ideas about what is best. Observe the way your host likes to do things and follow their lead, rather than forcing your own ideas upon them.


6.  Don’t bring other people along.

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The host has invited you. Not your buddies or your pets. If you do want to bring someone else, you need to talk to the host and ask them if that would be okay. It’s very rude to simply turn up with unannounced guests and expect the host to accommodate them.

7.  Don’t go looking in rooms you’re not supposed to.

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This is especially true for bedrooms. People need their privacy, so you shouldn’t just go walking around, opening doors and taking a look at whatever you like. Stick to the common areas of the home like the kitchen and living room.

8. Don’t punish a host’s pet.

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Shouting or being critical of a host’s pet is a big no-no. You might not let your dog jump on the couch, but maybe your host does, and it’s not your business or place to interfere. For some people, pets are important members of the family, so they won’t be too happy if you start shouting at them.

9. Do not adjust the thermostat.

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Again, maybe you like to live with the thermostat turned up high, but your host might disagree. It’s their home and their rules, so you simply can’t go around interfering and changing the thermostat. If you feel cold, put on some extra clothes or politely ask your host if they can raise the temperature slightly.

10. Be careful about asking for WiFi passwords.

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This one really depends on the level of friendship you have with your host. If you’re staying with close family or best friends, asking for the password isn’t a big deal, but it can be a slightly more problematic issue when staying with someone you don’t know too well. The best thing to do in this case is to simply wait for the host to offer, rather than making the demand yourself.

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