Her Daughter Dies in a Tragic Accident, What These Strangers Did Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Poor Camie Lott was going home to celebrate her graduation with her parents when she got into a car crash

Sometimes, all it takes is a generous act to make someone’s day…or life!


In March of 2013, Camie Lott, who had just earned her master’s degree in massage therapy, was on her way home to celebrate with her family, when she was tragically killed in a severe car accident.

Camie passed away at the young age of 22. Her obituary read:

“Camie loved camping, snowmobiling, photography, nature, horse riding and just being around her family and friends. She was a light and an inspiration to all she came in contact with.”

Annette and Jeffrey, her parents, attempted to save as much money as possible in the three years since the tragedy in order to purchase a headstone for their precious daughter’s grave. Due to financial difficulties, the Ohio family was unable to save enough.

To add to the devastation of losing Camie, they could not afford a grave marker as one final send-off to honor their daughter.

However, this month, almost three years later, an anonymous couple surprised the family with the most generous act anyone has ever done for them.

Take a look at the video below to see Annette, Camie’s mother, react to the best Christmas present she could possibly ever ask for.

Videos like this are what fill us with real holiday cheer!

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