Heavily Overweight Man Loses 300 Pounds, And It's All Because Of Taylor Swift!

His proud friend put together a tribute to the man’s triumph

Ronnie Bower transformed his body in just three years with the help of Taylor Swift’s music. 

He had always wanted to see Taylor Swift live in concert but weighing over 700 pounds was such a hindrance that he couldn’t attend the concert. Drugs, alcohol and unemployment were also contributing factors to his weight gain and lack of motivation.

When his doctor told him that he wouldn’t live to see 35-years-old, he knew he needed to take action. Starting with hand exercises at home, he was able to get up off his chair and start moving around by day 78, all the while working out to Taylor Swift in the background.

In just one year of his new life, Ronnie lost over 250 pounds and was able to challenge himself and pick up old hobbies again, like golf.

Ronnie’s pal Jo, decided to put together a moving tribute video in the lead up to the ultimate goal; seeing TSwift live on stage. Thanks to hard work and dedication, Ronnie is a changed man!

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