Heartbreaking Video Of A Lonely, Suffering Pitbull Becomes A Beautiful Display Of Love

The moment he is rescued is beautiful, exciting, and poignant.

40 percent of the 1.2 million dogs who are euthanised every year are pit bulls.

Hope For Paws
Hope For Paws

This shocking video shows an abandoned pit bull in downtown Los Angeles out on its own, starving, and looking desperately for a home. Eldad and Lisa, partners who work with Hope For Paws, tracked down the dog, Brutus, in an alleyway, and approached him slowly and hesitantly. They didn’t want to startle Brutus, and weren’t sure how he’d react.

While we’ve seen many videos in the past of dogs being rescued who are terrified, confused, and reluctant, Brutus’s reaction was truly unique. He was happy, he was excited, and he was friendly. This is rare to see in situations like this, which can often be quite risky and dangerous.

After confirming with local mechanics that Brutus was indeed homeless, they showered the dog with love, and brought him into their care. Brutus’ adoption will be handled by ADOPT Animal Rescue team, and we hope he finds a family as caring as Eldad and Lisa were!