He Gives Mom Birthday Plaque With Special Message Then She Discovers What The Words REALLY Mean

There’s always more than meets the eye!

Ryan Dean wowed the world by posting this viral video to YouTube. Explaining his birthday wasn’t only his to celebrate, the young man presented his mother with a somewhat mysterious, totally unique, heartwarming ‘birthday present.’


Surprisingly enough, Mom expected the gracious gift. Apparently, her sweet and thoughtful son makes it a point to wrap a present for her on each and every one of his birthdays. This year, she was given a colorful plaque that read, “Every Day Holds The Possibility Of A Miracle.”

However, this celebratory gift was a little different. The words in the deeply heartfelt phrase had a special meaning only Mom would understand.

All grown up, Ryan and his wife had struggled to conceive for three long years. The frustrating fertility prescriptions, medical protocols, and painful testing failed to yield even the slightest of results.

The poor couple had nearly given up hope of conceiving a baby. That’s when something amazing happened.

Instead of buckling under the straw that broke the camel’s back, Ryan and his wife discovered they were expecting a child! And all on their own too! Handing over the ‘secret message,’ the pregnant lovebirds gave Mom a new ‘birthday’ memory.

“It was kind of an awesome moment we’ll never forget!” Ryan wrote.

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