Hardworking Mother's Disabled Son Reaches Harvard

She worked her butt off, and it paid off!

Motherhood is wonderful, but it can be very trying. When a woman welcomes her baby into the world, she dreams of a happy, healthy and successful life for them. For Zou Hongyan, this dream seemed to come crashing down when her only son was born in 1988 with cerebral palsy, a result of some complications.

The people around were not very supportive of her. The doctors in her native Hubei province told her to give the baby away, and even her husband, the baby’s father, didn’t want them to keep the child. But Zou remained strong and refused to give up.

She divorced her husband and decided to raise her baby alone. Zou would work three consecutive jobs, including insurance sales and protocol training.

With all this work, she also played brain-boosting games with her son so that his brain and senses would be stimulated.

He had stiff hands, but she still managed to teach him how to use chopsticks.

As she told the South China Morning Post, “I didn’t want him to feel ashamed about these physical problems. Because he had inferior abilities in many areas, I was quite strict on him to work hard to catch up where he had difficulties.”

Zou’s efforts were not in vain.

29 years later, Ding Ding, the boy with cerebral palsy who was rejected by his own father, is a Peking University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences and engineering.

And he has more success coming his way as he recently became a Harvard Law student.

Praise has showered in from all over the world for the amazing mom!

For this hard-working mom and her son, life was never easy, but they persisted and now Ding Ding is at a place that many strive to reach, all due to his mother. Mothers truly are the best!

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