Guy Spies On His Wife With A Drone, Catches Her Cheating On Him

Husband is mortified to discover his wife of 18 years is seeing another man

More and more people are owning drones, and we’re starting to see just how useful they can be. This guy wasn’t happy when he used his drone to spy on his cheating wife, but at least he discovered the truth.


Here’s a story that proves how new technology can change our lives. Without the invention of drones, this man may never have discovered that his wife was having an affair.

It’s never nice to discover that your partner has been cheating on you. It can be utterly heartbreaking, and we can hear the anger and sadness in this man’s voice as he narrates the clip he recorded.

In the video, we see the wife leaving the family home and walking down the street. She takes a weird turn and waits on a corner for a while, before heading over to a parking lot and getting into a car with a strange man.

The YouTube uploader, YAOG, narrates the clip and explains that he and his wife had been married for 18 years. Apparently, a friend had called him up to say that something strange was going on with his wife, so he decided to use the drone to spy on her.

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