Guy Plans A Surprise Proposal For His Girlfriend, But She Faints When He Pulls Out The Ring

Nobody was expecting this to happen!

A couple walks through a park, with the boyfriend leading his blindfolded girlfriend. After a while, they stop and the boyfriend asks his girlfriend to remove the blindfold. The woman, Brittany Hillard, is instantaneously bombarded with the word ‘surprise’ as she struggles to get her bearings.


Smiling, but confused, she asks, ‘What is this?’ She doesn’t know why there is a surprise party happening. As he greets her friends and family, they assure her that this is a late birthday celebration, as hers passed recently.

The boyfriend then seizes the attention of the crowd and after complimenting Brittany, he says, “I had to get her something, so I figured that I would just do this,” as he bends down on one knee and pulls out a shiny circle.

‘Marry me’ he says to his astounded girlfriend. However, this lovely moment is brought down by what happened next.

Brittany looks from the ring to her boyfriend and suddenly, without warning, slumps to the floor. As everyone rushes to aid her, they realize that the whole thing was a little too unexpected for Brittany, and they might have overdone the surprises!

Fortunately, Brittany regains consciousness after a while, allowing the soon to be husband another chance to get it right.

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