Guy Loses Engagement Ring While Proposing at Baseball Game, Crowd Stops Watching to Help Him Look!

When Andrew Fox dropped the ring while proposing to his girlfriend, he never expected an entire stadium full of people to help him out!

A lot of thought goes into a marriage proposal, especially for Andrew Fox who had planned to propose to girlfriend Heather Terwilliger at a Red Sox vs Yankees game.

All of the action was caught on the Jumbotron in the stadium, but then something went wrong – Fox dropped the ring! “Oh, look at this poor guy.” Yankees announcer Michael Kay said to the crowd.

As the couple began searching everywhere for the ring, everyone around them in the crowd started helping them look. Everyone looked for an entire 5 minutes.

Then, finally, Fox found the ring safely nestled in his jacket on his chair. Phew! And the entire stadium erupted in cheers!

Fox proposed again and, yes, Terwilliger said yes! Then came another round of applause for the happy couple.

“Definitely not the way I planned it up. I thought it was just gonna be a simple kneel down and pop it out and ask her, but it instantly just dropped out,” Fox told reporters after the incident. Terwilliger was relieved they had found it too, “I didn’t know what to think. It was all a shock, it came so quickly. I felt really bad. It was good that we found it.”

Luckily for them, they can now start their happily ever with one great story!