Groom Ditches His Bride For Being "Too Fat". Then She Undergoes A Huge Transformation.

When he saw how much she’d changed, he came crawling back

Pamela Doyle, like so many of us, fell in love with a high school sweetheart and looked forward to the day when they would tie the knot. The wedding was all set, but it didn’t go to plan. Her groom left her at the altar. His reasoning? She was “too fat” for him. This shocking event inspired Doyle to make some changes in her life.


Pamela Doyle always struggled with her weight, but she believed she’d found a man who thought she was beautiful both inside and out.


She met her boyfriend during high school and together they planned a dream wedding in Glasgow, Scotland.

Unfortunately, what was meant to be a perfect day ended in disaster. Doyle’s groom jilted her at the altar.


Why did he do this? Well, apparently he said he was tired of her “weight issues”, claiming that she was just too fat for him to marry.

The news was a huge blow to Doyle, but it motivated her to make a change.