Groom Breaks Down In Tears When Brother Gives "Wedding Speech"

“This One Is…” a very special best man’s speech…


Being the sibling of a bride or groom is perhaps the most stressful job in the World. There’s such a weight on your shoulders to make everything perfect and to give a speech both heartfelt and funny in turns, a speech that can make people both laugh and cry at the same time!

After all, how can anyone know your brother or sister better than you do. Who else could share in the same stories from childhood? So who else would be a better fit to give a wedding speech, right?

One such brother, quite shy in nature, knew that his sentiments would be best expressed in lyrical fashion. And so he carved a beautiful symphony as a tribute to his brother and his wife!

Accompanied with just the strumming of a guitar, he sang a song he called “This One Is.”

The song captured how time has passed, and everything he learnt from his brother. And then he dedicated a whole verse to the bride, proudly claiming her to be his new sister! Awww…

The newlyweds are moved to tears by the heartfelt wedding tribute, and upon finishing the song the brother doesn’t shy away from his emotions either.

Isn’t this the most lovely tribute ever? Can you picture yourself ever doing something so outlandish and beautiful?

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