Graduating Nurse Expects Her Husband To Pin Her, But Then Sees Someone Else And Starts Crying

Her day suddenly became even more special!

Around 40 graduates from the Rasmussen College Mankato in Minnesota were set to graduate in a recent Nurse Pinning Ceremony. There was a sense of achievement and accomplishment in the air, as the years of learning were finally over for the graduates, who would now test their skills in the real world.


Among these graduates was Penny Pearson, a 50 year old mother and wife. As happy as she was to be crossing the benchmark of achieving her goals, she was still somewhat sad.

Her 29 year old son, Dustin, was currently in Kuwait where he was an Army Sergeant. His long absence had left Penny missing him and wishing for his safe return.

It was customary in Pinning Ceremonies that the nurses select who they want pinning them, and with the absence of Dustin, Penny chose her husband.

Penny had no idea what she was in for, as her college friends had set up a very sweet surprise for her.

Watch the emotional clip to see what happens when Penny goes to the stage to get pinned. She received a huge ovation as she heard the announcement and was soon in tears.

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