Good Samaritan Doesn't Know Stranger Is Filming As He Gives His Tennis Shoes To Homeless Woman

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Rade Jovanović strongly believed in helping those in need, even if that meant making a sacrifice. On a crowded subway train in Serbia, he did exactly that. Little did he know, the entire world would see his act of kindness. 


Rade jumped on the subway for a quick ride and immediately noticed a heartbreaking scene. A few rows over was a homeless woman. The thing that stood out about her? Her bare feet.

Living in Belgrade, Serbia, the man was used to seeing poverty. However, this situation tugged at his heartstrings a little more than usual. The next time he saw her, Rade was prepared. Toting an extra pair of sneakers and a hot meal, the Serbian man boarded the same public transportation system, noticing the same poor soul from the day before.

Another kindred spirit aboard the train caught Rade’s simple act of kindness on camera. The touching footage, showing Rade give the struggling woman a pair of shoes, keeps rolling as he humbly puts them on her feet.

The barefoot rider was absolutely stunned at the man’s generosity. With an expression of confusion on her face, she watched as Rade tied her shoelaces. After handing over the hot meal he brought her, Rade shared an emotional hug with the woman.

With shoes on her feet and a hot meal in her lap, the subway rider needed nothing more than some company. Of course, Rade offered that too.

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