Girlfriend Goes To Meet Her Boyfriend At A Restaurant, But Is Confused To See A Pink Balloon Instead

She had no idea what was in store for her that day!

Oh, marriage proposals- there are so many ways to pop the big question. Sometimes, you have to do just that: literally pop it!


In May of 2015, this adorable boyfriend set up a completely different kind of proposal. He decided that rather than a traditional kneel-and-ask, he would include a scavenger hunt, notes, balloons, and more!

Cameron’s girlfriend and future fiancé Demi came home to an odd letter coupled with a giant purple balloon. The letter said that she had to go to the place where the two had their first date. So off she went to the spot the note directed her to, and began a crazy and amazing adventure that ultimately would change the path of the rest of her life!

When Demi got to the first location, she found another balloon, a pink one this time. She began to realize what was happening: she was on a scavenger hunt! She read Cameron’s heartwarming letter, and then headed off to the second location.

Plenty more letters, balloons, and traveling later, Demi was finally at the last location: a temple. Little did she know, it was the temple Cameron hoped to marry her in. She came up to the last balloon and saw the final note, all tied to a chair, which also had an iPad that Cameron had left there. It contained a video that she would have to watch to discover the purpose of the hunt.

She began watching the video, which Cameron had made that reflected upon their whole relationship, and it was absolutely heart-melting! At the very end of the video, he tells her to look behind her. We won’t spoil it for you, watch the footage below and find out what he did next!

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