Girl With Down Syndrome Wins A Spot Presenting The Weather On Live TV

Hats off to Melanie!

We come across many stories that inspire us, especially those of people with Down Syndrome that end up showing the world that they can do so much more than what we think of them. Be it initiating a business or running a marathon, they have proved people wrong in so many ways. They get to live their dreams and that is what makes my day! | AP

Melanie Segard has been the latest person to prove herself. This 21-year-old girl arranged with French TV stations that if she was able to gain 100,000 likes on Facebook, they would choose her to present weather – and live, too.

“I am different, but I would like to show everyone that I can do plenty of things. I want to prove it by appearing on TV,” she said.

Facebook | Mélanie peut le faire

Melanie’s page was launched on 26th February and Unapei, a charity, helped her with it. She reached her goal within only 36 hours!

Her campaign gained major support from many social media sites, which helped her reach her goal.

Facebook | Mélanie peut le faire

Melanie was offered a segment with France 2 and even called in for training at the station with presenter Chloe Nabedian for four days before the live program. She finally got comfortable on the green screen and was ready for her final night.

Cyril, her 27-year-old brother, accompanied her to the training and told her, “Imagine you’re alone at home doing the weather. Have fun.” AP

Five million people watched Melanie report the weather, with the north being cloudy and the south being sunny. Previous French rating records were broken by this segment.

Now, that deserves a round of applause.

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