Girl Suffering From Anorexia Left 'Goodbye' Messages Before Killing Herself

Such a sad story.

Pippa Katy McManus, a young girl who suffered from such an extreme case of anorexia that her weight once hit the four stone mark, penned ‘goodbye’ notes that she left behind for her family. 

Affectionately known as ‘Pip’, the 15 year old left behind a total of seven goodbye letters, all meant for her parents, her siblings, her group of friends, and even for the family dog.

The bits of paper with goodbye messages were discovered moments before Pip was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately though, she ended her life when she stepped in the way of a train after a mere five days of being released from the psychiatric unit that she was kept in.

It was discovered that she had an argument with her family about her excessive use of the gym, which ended with Pip storming out of their house, yelling, “I am going to kill myself”.

According to the news piece in The Daily Mail, one of these notes indicated that Pip wanted to ‘grow up and have a life’, before going on to read, ‘but I don’t have one’.

The note further said, “I cannot fight anorexia any more than I have done. I have tried so very hard, but it has won me.”

Marie and James McManus, Pip’s parents, later revealed that they were skeptical of Pippa’s release from the hospital she was in, known as the Priory clinic. However, despite these reservations, they felt that they were ‘left with no choice’.

During an investigation in Stockport, Marie mentioned that “Pip spent the last three years fighting against anorexia, malnutrition, depression and self-harm. We believe the failings in our daughter’s care from beginning to end resulted in her death.”

“Effective treatment is needed quickly, and if this had been available to our beautiful daughter maybe she would still be alive today. Maybe we would not have needed this inquest.”

‘The Pip Foundation’ has now been set up by Marie, and aims to reach out to those in need and help the Anorexia And Bulimia Care charity.

Marie said: “Pippa hated herself. She thought she was the ugliest person in the world. Whatever you said, it didn’t make a difference because that’s what the anorexia was telling her.”

“We needed mental health workers to work with us but they weren’t there to do that. We were let down by everybody.”

If you or someone you know is suffering from anorexia or another eating disorder, be sure to get in touch with the relevant people to help the situation get better.


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