Girl Puts Up Craigslist Ad To Rent A New Family To Replace Abusive One

Girl who suffered years of domestic abuse helps lonely children find families for Christmas.

Jacki Turner is a William Jessup University straight-A student who also provides tutoring and just wants to help troubled children. 

One would never think that such a remarkable young woman is a victim of years of domestic abuse. Growing up, she was abused, starved, locked inside rooms, and beaten if she asked for food. All she ever truly wanted was a family to call her own, something many of us unfortunately take for granted.

Things are especially difficult for her during the Holiday Season, December and January.

She says that she remembers “getting beatings for stealing food.” This time of the year is tough on her because everyone is constantly talking about cousins, families, and all the things that make Christmas special.

Unable to bear the thought of another lonely Christmas she decided to do something radical. She decided to put out a Craigslist ad to rent a family for $8 — that’s all she had.

“Maybe for like a couple hours — just be like the light of their life for that moment,” Jackie said. “Eight bucks, just to sit, which for a college student is affordable.”

Once the ad was posted she received a lot of enthusiastic response, especially from parents who just wanted to help her out, for no charge at all. And then there were other, more surprising responses as well, from other kids and teens who also needed someone for the holidays.

Jackie said that “people are hurting and broken”, and “we need to be loving people.”

Instead of renting a family, Jackie did something remarkable instead. She invited all the lonely kids and generous parents, and paired them off with each other.

All those kids can be a part of a family now, if only for a little while, thanks to Jackie’s efforts.

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