Girl Asked A Question, So They Cancelled Her Job Interview, And Twitter Was Outraged

They really didn’t help themselves with this.

When coming to apply for a job, you usually want to have an idea of what the job is like before committing yourself to such a big step…

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The interview process takes forever, whether it’s just a phone interview or one that is in person, you have to be fully prepared and ready. The questions you’ll get asked will naturally determine whether you are suitable for the job or not. However, there are times when the interview doesn’t go as planned and communication breaks down.

This is the exact situation Taylor Byrnes was put in. The Canadian was trying to apply for a food delivery job based online and went through the interview process just like anyone else.

Taylor Byrnes resides in Manitoba, Canada…

She made headlines after applying for a job and having a rather strange interaction with the company.

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The company Taylor was applying to was SkipTheDishes, an online food delivery startup.

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She was later put into contact with Victoria Karras, the recruitment coordinator for the company, who set an appointment for a phone interview.

Nothing out of the ordinary had happened so far.

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But what was to happen after had thousands of people reacting to her story online.

All she wanted to do was ask a standard question that would be on the mind of anyone applying for a new job.