Girl Appears On Kiss Cam, But Her Boyfriend Isn't Interested, So She Kisses Someone Else!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

A lot of couples think it’s romantic to be caught on a kiss cam. In a recent video uploaded by The Atlanta Hawks, there was evidence of what happens when a couple does not see eye to eye.


There have been rumors that the video is fake and that it was premeditated, while others aren’t so sure. Whether what happened was right or wrong, you be the judge.

On that day, the kiss cam focused on a blonde woman and her “boyfriend”, who wore a red cap. Excitedly, the girl leaned in for a kiss, but her partner declined.

Ticked off by his refusal, she looked the other way and placed a kiss on the lips of the man next to her. For now, it is not known what connection the two had.

Red in the face, her apparent partner gave her a piece of his mind before storming off.

From the hostility between the two, anyone could see that they were headed for a derailment long before the kiss cam lit a spark.

This video blew up on the internet, and has attracted a lot of attention online. The general opinion is that it was good entertainment, but we’d love to know what you think!

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