Funny Solutions To Everyday Problems

When life gives you lemons, respond with humor!

When things suddenly go south and you’re faced with a problem, it’s time to think on your feet. Fortunately, mankind is pretty resourceful, and the following people have come up with some creative solutions to life’s problems. While some of these are downright genius, others are just plain idiotic. Either way, they’re all hilarious!

Which one is the package again?


Posh cat.

Reddit | AP_Brownie

This is actually genius.

Reddit | mogdrak

Because the news must go on…

Reddit | TheBeerKnight

Okay, it’s not exactly fixing a problem, but it’s still funny!

Reddit | BreakYourselfFool

Why doesn’t my screen crack so conveniently?

Reddit | leisurelydude

Very effective!


I wish I was this creative.

Reddit | [deleted]

“Hello, I’m Dory.”

Reddit | Spitball_Idea

If my child did this, I would forgive them.

Reddit | Art_Van_Delay

I don’t think the kid inherited the mom’s creative gene.

Reddit | jerschneid

Those Romans had no manners, I tell you.

Reddit | jubeanieowns

Nature making his job interesting.

Reddit | Dyn_Dyn

In that scenario, this could actually work.

Reddit | hades0401

Such a cute puppy.

Reddit | solidsnake1991

In loving memory…

Reddit | Rwolinski