Funny And Weird Facts To Fill Your Brain

Time to learn some wonderfully useless facts!

I decided today that rather than learn about useless information like Pythagoras’s Theorem, we should fill our brains with random and useless, but fun facts!

Take a look at these funny and weird facts and comment on Facebook to let us know of any weird facts that you know!


Get pink with hippo milk!

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You probably don’t think much about hippo milk, but guess what? It’s pink! And it contains about 500 calories in just one cup. So if you’re thinking of losing weight, then stay away from hippo milk.

Goober = peanut?

Imgur | ambur

So “goober” is NOT a fake word, and no, it doesn’t mean booger, which for some reason is what I thought it meant. The word was made up by Gary Larson and means peanut! Have some goober-butter sandwich?

If you name your kid, “Brfxxccxxmnpcccclll mmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116,” you’re gonna get fined!


A couple in Sweden (possibly not very bright), has named their kid Brfxxccxxmnpcccclll mmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116. As complicated as that looks, it is simply pronounced ‘Albin.’ This unapproved name was never registered, so the fine stayed even though the couple said they would change the name to ‘A’. They sure are creative with their names.

The search for the “loneliest whale” in the world continues.


If you thought you were sad and alone, check out this poor whale that has been alone and singing to himself for the past 20 years. Scientists started studying it back in the 1980s as its pitch was much higher than any other song; other female whales could recognize this unique sound and the poor guy remained single and will probably die a virgin!

It’s not dudette, it’s “dudine”!

Lebowski Fest

Merriam-Webster has made it official! The correct female of equivalent of dude is dudine. Although ‘dudette’ was last used in the 90s, it’s good that Merriam Webster made the effort to ensure that the word stays unused.

Your dog will not poop white anymore.

Reddit | bodieotis

Dog poop is not really a fun topic of conversation, but if it comes up then you can wow people with your knowledge and let them know that the calcium intake of dogs has gone way down, which is why you won’t be seeing white poop anymore.

Marilyn Monroe was hotter AND smarter than Albert Einstein.

Reddit | VerGuyImgur | AbstruseWalrus

Monroe had an IQ of 163, while Einstein just had 160. Of course IQ tests aren’t the most reliable test of intelligence and Monroe could have done more for the advancement of theoretical physics.

But it is refreshing to see that she won’t be labeled as the stereotypical “ditzy blonde” that many people thought she was. Also if she can get through James Joyce’s Ulysses, she’s smarter than most people anyway!

Pearl Harbor, the film was more expensive and longer than the actual attack! It cost as much as the actual rebuilding of Pearl Harbor and lasted an hour longer than the attack.


Michael Bay’s period piece was an hour longer than the actual attack and cost as much as it did to rebuild Pearl Harbor at $140 million for production. Even with all that time, he felt restricted by the budget. Yeah, I too often feel that way about my $20 per day pocket money. Bay eventually ended up taking a $4 million pay cut.

So, pineapples and money don’t grow on trees.

Imgur | kolla

I knew money didn’t (unfortunately), but apparently pineapples don’t either!

A vending machine for pecan pie!

Atlas Obscura

Cedar Creek, Texas came up with this ingenious machine that dispenses pecan pie 24/7 and is stocked daily.

Berdoll Pecan Farm are the angels behind this, creating it because people love their pies so much. So I guess we’re all moving to Texas, then?

Ever worry that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you…?

Reddit | no_one_cares_for_you

So “Anatidaephobia” is the fear that that I just described, but it’s not actually a real phobia as it is a parody on the possibility of phobias. Gary Larson came up with this and it became popular on the internet a while ago. But if someone does actually have this fear? Then your life is pretty sad.

Keepin my fingers crossed for more “Blinkin Park”.

Funny Or Die

Linkin Park and Blink-182 appeared in a video for Funny Or Die in a super duo called Blinkin Park to promote their upcoming joint tour called “One More Light”. For their sakes, I hope their video was better than their song…

And then there’s this.

Reddit | Sandi315

Ok, so I don’t have actual proof for this. But logically, people are interacting more with donkeys than with planes, right? This one is for you to really think about and discuss with your friends. Makes for some deep conversation.

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