Fish Skin Is Now Being Used To Heal Burn Victims In Brazil

An innovative solution.

Medicine isn’t always an exact science. It’s constantly evolving, new discoveries unraveling previously held beliefs. Oftentimes new practices may take on quite ludicrous shades. You may take insulin for example, the first step towards healing Diabetes. Initially Doctors looked towards the barnyard for some insulin. Yup, that’s right. Type 1 diabetics used to inject themselves with pig or cow insulin!

Well now we have another strange yet innovative procedure involving animals being used to treat something quite fatal in humans! This is the first time this method has been adopted, but if the success of the procedure is any indication, this may soon become the norm.


A Brazilian woman suffered from horrible burn injuries as a result of a cooker explosion. She was given the chance to engage in a radical experimental procedure which would use fish skin to treat her burns.

Her neck, arms, and even most of her face was covered with second-degree burns. She said that she was in such agony that she was desperate. Even though she found the idea of using fish skin to be strange, she jumped at the opportunity because she was told it would be a far less painful procedure.

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The skin of a Tilapia fish was applied to Maria’s burns for a period of 11 days. It was applied everywhere except the hands which had more severe burns.

Maria said that the entire experience felt like being “in a sci-fi movie,” and it was a bizarre experience to have the fish skin applied over her burns. Yet within minutes it provided her with such comfort that she was totally onboard the experiment, and was grateful that it didn’t stink either.

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The traditional creams and ointments, which had been used prior to the fish treatment, caused her severe pain.

She said that the Nurses had used creams when she first arrived but that was like being “tortured” and even the touch of water from the shower caused her excruciating pain.

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The fish skin caused her no pain at all.

Apparently, Tilapia skin is ideal for treating burn wounds for a number of reasons.

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Tilapia is available in plenty, is disease-resistant, and contains many properties that significantly help in healing burns.

The skin has just the right amount of collagen and humidity in it to keep it from drying out. It also prevents the onset of infections and provides essential proteins. Furthermore, 99% of the skin of these fishes are discarded after they’re filleted. But now those discarded fish skins have found some purpose! This is an especially fortunate discovery for poorer nations.

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They also lead to far less pain and need less maintenance than the traditional creams and methods.

If Maria had opted for the traditional treatment then she would have had to be in the hospital constantly to get her dressings changed. But with the Tilapia treatment she could only visit the clinic on alternate days to check if the bandages were okay.

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The Tilapia skin was cured, decontaminated, cooled, and preserved before being applied.

This entire process gets rid of the scales, muscle tissue, toxins, diseases, and even the stink. It can then be stored away for over two whole years, and can be easily moulded around the wound.

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Maria recommends all other burn victims to try this treatment, despite the fact that it looks quite odd.

To quote Maria herself, “I loved the treatment and would recommend it to anyone who has suffered like me.”

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