Find Out More Facts About Nicole Kidman, Your Favorite Actress Of All Time

The perfect woman!

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Nicole Kidman is a goddess. The Aussie star is not only talented, but is drop dead gorgeous. As if that wasn’t enough, she is philanthropic. And she married a perfect singer as well. Nicole Kidman has performed phenomenally in every movie she has ever acted in, whether that movie was a success or failure. Read on to learn some more interesting facts about the lovely star!

Nicole has a weird phobia: she is scared of butterflies! On top of that, she’s allergic to strawberries!

Two beautiful gifts from nature and she’s allergic to one, and scared of the other.

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Nicole is not the only star in the family!

She is the older sister of Antonia Kidman, Australian television personality. The two are polar opposites when it comes to looks.

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Nicole was actually born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Her Australian parents were actually in Honolulu on educational visas when Nicole was born.


Nicole is big on sun protection.

Nicole won’t step out of the house without sun protection, which is smart of her. She can always be seen with her sunglasses and hat. And her close friend Naomi Watts confirmed that, “Nicole won’t cross the street without a hat.”


She starred in three films with her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

These films include: Days of Thunder from 1990, Far and Away from 1992, and Eyes Wide Shut from 1999.

Nicole’s high school nickname was “Stalky.”

Even celebrities go through awkward phases; Nicole was made fun for her height and awkward looks when she was a teenager. Her red puffy hair was also made fun of. But joke’s on them because Nicole is a gorgeous film star now!

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Nicole is a big fan of country music – so big that she put together a CD of her favorite country music, which was played when she gave birth to her and Keith Urban’s first daughter.

And obviously Keith’s music was featured on the CD.


Nicole is pretty vocal about the causes she supports and is an ambassador for UNIFEM.

To support women’s rights, she traveled to third-world countries as a speaker and ambassador for the organization with the group.

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She is so dedicated to her job that she moved in with Jack Black and Jennifer Jason Leigh while filming 2007’s Margot at the Wedding.

It was the best way to make their dysfunctional family look as convincing as possible on screen.

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Nicole married Keith Urban in Sydney, Australia on June 25, 2006.

Naturally, her guest list had some pretty famous people on it, including the gorgeous Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Naomi Watts.

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Naomi Watts is a true friend to Nicole as she turned down the lead role in The Interpreter.

She knew how much her friend wanted the role and gave it up for her.


Proving once again how perfect they are, Nicole and Keith did not ask for any gifts from their 230 wedding guests.

Instead, their guests were asked to make donations to the Sydney Children’s Hospital. Could they be more perfect?

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Nicole is also really close friends with fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman.

They also acted together in 2008’s Australia.

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Method acting can take a serious toll on the actors, as Nicole realized after one of her movies caused her great emotional stress.

A Portrait of a Lady turned out to be a very challenging film for the actress and she had to take a long break after it. She revealed that the abuse she suffered playing the character and the toll it took on her was too great and she had to stay in beds for weeks to get back to her old self.

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Acting can be a dangerous job too! While practicing a dance number for 2001’s Moulin Rouge! she was injured.

Production was postponed temporarily to allow her to recover from her injury.

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Nicole is not shy of her body and does not use body doubles for her nude scenes.

With a body like that, why use body doubles?

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Nicole was nearly Catwoman in 1992’s Batman Returns!

She was considered for this role as well for Meg Ryan’s role in 1993’s Sleepless in Seattle and for Robin Wright’s role in 1994’s Forrest Gump.

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Nicole was set to play the lead character in 2002’s Panic Room.

Nicole suffered an injury during the filming of Moulin Rouge!, which is why she had to be replaced by Jodie Foster in Panic Room. She later played the voice of the wife of Jodie Foster’s ex-husband.


Films are not the only thing she has acted in, having appeared in a music video for Robbie Williams.

It was for the British pop singer’s “Somethin’ Stupid”, which became a huge hit in Britain.

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The Wizard of Oz inspired Nicole to become an actor.

Seeing Margaret Hamilton’s performance in the film was what really inspired her to become an actor.

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While filming 2003’s Dogville, Nicole learned she was nominated for her first Academy Award for her role in Moulin Rouge!

She was shooting a scene for Dogville when someone made a sign and held it up to tell her she had been nominated!

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Nicole is also the first Australian actress to win the Oscar for Best Actress.

She won the Academy Award for her starring role in 2002’s The Hours.

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Acting is not her only talent! She played a piano on her own in 2003’s Cold Mountain.

It’s a movie starring Jude Law and Nicole Kidman.

Nicole and Keith own multiple houses in Sydney, Sutton Forest (Australia), Los Angeles, and Nashville.

Each of their houses is unique and absolutely gorgeous.

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